New CrossFire Hacks

Crossfire Multi-Hack Public Release Updated 7th September 2010
Download Here
Name Esp
Weapon Esp

No Smoking
Health Bars
D3D 3D Box Esp
Distance Esp
AimBot ( w/ Bone Options )
Aimbot FOV
Aimbot Visibility Check
Aim Hotkey Selection ( 62 diff hotkeys )
Asus/X-Ray ( No Walls )
X hairs ( 5 Sprite Xhairs made by Zohan )
Game 2D player Boxes
Game 3D player Boxes
Wire frame ( player)
World Wire frame
Player skeletons
No Sky
Show Ghosts
No Spread
No Recoil
Shotgun Spread
Instant Reload
Panic Key( If you turn it on with menu DELETE will turn the GUI and All Menu Items off)
SilentClip - Adds silencer effect to most Weapons
FireMode - Choose from BurstFire/AutoMatic/SingleFire/Etc.
RapidFire - No delay with most Weapons
RangeHack - Shoot Weapons further than normal. 

  • Download the perx injector HERE if you down already have a DDL injector.
  • Extract anywhere. 
  • Rename the DLL and the EXE to some random name (Both files must have the same name) 
  • Run the EXE. 
  • Start CrossFire. 
  • When game is launched, you can press DELETE on your keyboard at any time to open up the menu. 
  • When the you want to change the options for a specific feature, press down and up to get to it. When it is highlighted, press left and right to go through the options for that feature. 
  • Prepare to win, hard.
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